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Only about 4% of the US population has type AB blood. AB’s have the most antigens in their blood, which causes it to clot and may explain why this blood type is vulnerable to cardiovascular disease. They are 23% higher risk of heart disease, and also a 23% higher risk of stroke compared to type O’s. AB’s also have a 51% increased risk for pancreatic cancer.

And as an interesting aside some other unique characteristics of our AB friends are that they are rational, deal with goals and obstacles on a cool and logical basis. Sometimes speak their mind whether people want to hear them or not. And, they do not observe social cues or cannot make the effort to tell white lies and in general as seekers of the truth.

Nevertheless, Type AB’s should take steps to reduce heart disease risk. Exercise 30 minutes most every day, avoid saturated fats, keep your weight and blood pressure in a healthy range. Once again good advice for all blood types and especially for our AB type friends and relatives.

So you O’s, A’s, B’s and AB’s, all feel free to contact me should you have any questions. And once again would like to emphasize the important role of blood profiles in determining necessary supplements and other medicinal and acupuncture modalities to support lasting good health. Should you or anyone you know wish to contact me for further information, please feel free to at your convenience.

Martha E. Hall LAc Dipl OM