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Enzyme Therapy In Malignancies

As you may remember our previous discussion of proteolytic enzyme therapy revealed potentially favorable results in treatment of joint dysfunction and abnormalities such as arthritis and side effects associated with pharmaceuticals.

In Europe, therapy of malignancies also includes enzymes in large dosage which has lengthened survival. Enzyme preparations carefully formulated to avoid dissolving in stomach acid thus available to get into the blood without being destroyed. In cancer cases, the cancer cells are surrounded by a layer of fibrin (a protein involved in blood clotting) up to 15 times thicker than the layer of fibrin that surrounds normal cells. This fibrin layer permits these malignant cells to escape destruction by killer immune cells, which are unable to detect the cancer cell antigens. The systemic enzymes remove this fibrin coating, permitting the immune cells to again kill the tumor cells.

Additionally, immune cells become stimulated by enzymes to increase the production of tumor necrosis (cell death) factor which attack tumor cells, as well as cells infected by viruses. This is vital to cancer defense!! Systemic immune therapy has prolonged life for many patients. This is just one of many ways you can take charge of your life, to help you live a longer healthier, pain free life. See your local Acupuncturist to help you get started today.

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