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Acupuncture at Acupuncture Halls takes into account a lot of solutions that include soft tissue massage, acupressure as well as traditional acupuncture. There are a lot of problems that affect the human bio-system and a lot of patients visit San Juan Capistrano for the various kinds of remedies that are offered by the practitioners. If you are not sure, or worried that current methods of western medicine will work for you or not, consider giving this Chinese form of meridian therapy a try. It is attributed with anti-aging powers, among other benefits due to a couple of millennia old techniques as well as strategies that are employed with its treatment and use.

Martha is a gifted acupuncturist whose gentle and compassionate care provides a deeply nurturing atmosphere allowing you to relax and just let the treatment take its course. She utilizes a number of styles of therapy in her acupuncture treatments including Moxa. She is a wealth of information, and a responsive listener. We are working together in my healing after two recent bowel surgeries. I recommend the benefits of Martha’s treatment to anyone.


San Clemente

Martha and Acupuncture Halls has been a blessing in my life. I have suffered for years with terrible sinus problems, and a friend suggested I try acupuncture. I am astounded by the amazing effects that acupuncture has, and the way I feel immediately after a treatment. It is pain free and the time Martha takes with each of her patients is a level of care you truly never find. I always feel that Martha understands exactly how I feel, and the fact that acupuncture is a natural treatment is a huge plus. As a special educator, I feel that the more holistic the approach, the better, for both ourselves, and our children.”

Aja McKee

Education Specialist, Professional Development Institute of California

Martha, as you know I have had 2 low back surgeries in the last 10 years. After my second surgery my right foot was numb due to nerve damage in my back. Since starting acupuncture treatment with you I am getting the feeling back in my foot. Also, the treatments are so relaxing that I often fall asleep during them. I feel tremendous after each treatment and am steadily improving. I can play with my kids, and my golf scores are going down.

Kirk F. Lapple


I have been seeing Martha for numerous chronic health issues for a few months. I have seen an acupuncturist in the past, with no real relief. Being frustrated with western medicine and I have currently 10 doctors that I see, my issues have been dealt sometimes with a pill, I don’t know, or a referral from one specialist to another. I just knew, the moment , I met Martha, that she would be able to help me. I have a lot of issues, but she is addressing them as they are all connected, which makes total sense. Her vast wealth of holistic knowledge is incredible and gives me hope at last. I am a work in progress, and it will take time, but she has concentrated on my most critical areas and slowly,I feel I am making progress. I cannot say enough good things about her. She truly cares, and I mean that! She listens and her advice is awesome and useful. Martha is highly trained and just a delight to be with, because I learn so much, every time I see her. Things cannot be fixed overnite, but given a chance and truly listen to her advice and you will see the results. I have recommended her to my physical therapist and friends and she gets a 5 star rating from me. She has actually spent time on her own, looking at my case , and is trying new approaches everytime I see her. I believe she is dead on accurate in so many areas, and being a “professional patient” , I have been told diagnosis by dr.s, but with no solutions. There is a definite need for western medicine, but for me, combining her skills is the best of both worlds, possible better for some of my body parts, seeing her for relief. I fully recommend , Martha, whether you have minor or major problems, such as myself.

Donna Dobson

“Martha Hall, of Acupuncture Hall, provides amazing , kind and professional care and education that’s truly out of box and very effective. I tried her services years ago with great skepticism but the pain in my back and legs was very high and I was taking took pain meds prescribed by md’s. …and yes I had seen and been treated by 2 different orthopedic specialists. The day after my first visit I could not believe how much relief I was really given. ‘Like an “alleluia” out of the sky! I experienced a Seriously different pain level.. from a level 9 to a level 2. That’s a very measurable difference! Since then she has been my consult for pain care (yes, headaches, too) and very effective herbs and supplements for colds and other “dis-ease” issues. I highly recommend anyone Work with Martha just like you work with a great M.D. and great Chiropractor.

Martha is an amazing practitioner with a very special & kind gift. Feel free to ask me how I “feel” :)

Marian Chapla-Breault

CLTC, Chapla-Breault Wealth Management LPL Investment Advisor Representative

I have been taking my 10 year old daughter to Martha Hall for a few months now to help treat her for bedwetting. I had tried everything and hadn’t had any success. In fact, it seemed to be getting more frequent. I had heard about Martha from a friend who took her daughter to Martha for asthma problems and thought I should give acupuncture a try. I was really worried that my daughter would be scared of the needles and think I was taking her somewhere to be tortured, but it turned out to be such a great experience. Martha was so wonderful with my daughter, she made her feel completely at ease, relaxed and even made the experience fun. After we left the first time, my daughter said that she never wanted to go to any other doctor, she loved Martha. The acupuncture has helped with the bedwetting, it hasn’t completely cured it, but the episodes have lessoned and I will continue to go back. My daughter looks forward to her visits with Martha, and I am thankful to discovered acupuncture.


San Clemente, CA

I have had chronic neck and back pain for over 20 years and more recently was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I have tried almost every treatment known – conventional and alternative – to minimize my pain levels and keep the fibromyalgia under control. Nothing has been as effective for me as acupuncture … and largely because of my acupuncturist. Martha Hall, LAc, is a rarity in the field of health care. She has a true gift for healing and cares about her patients as individuals. She doesn’t just treat the symptom, but works with her patient to understand the underlying cause for the health problem. Martha Hall is also an excellent listener. Stress can exacerbate both chronic pain and fibromyalgia, and there have been many times that Martha has allowed me to “vent” and listened patiently. Martha, also is extremely knowledgeable about natural herbal treatments that can be used very effectively to treat many common problems. Traditional physicians sometimes are quick to prescribe pharmaceutical medications that only mask the problems and – worse – build up in your system, creating yet more problems. Simply put, Martha provides me a quality of life through acupuncture and herbal treatments that I would not otherwise enjoy. She has also rescued me from depression that chronic pain can sometimes incur and given me hope for a fulfilling future. I send everyone I know who has any medical problems whatsoever to consult with Martha Hall and encourage you to do the same.

Jennifer Hunt-Harris

I’d tried acupuncture, chiropractic and non-traditional treatments in the past for chronic problems with my hips and back. Nothing ever worked for more than a few hours or days. This was until I was seen by Martha at Acupuncture Halls. It was truly amazing. I can go weeks or months now without any pain or discomfort. I do need to have regular maintenance treatments with Martha to keep myself limber to play golf, but living my life day-to-day without the pain is a gift. She has so much knowledge in orential medical philosophy, and is so caring of her patients needs; you deserve a visit with her for almost anything that ails you

Rick Knapp

San Clemente, CA

I am writing to recommend that you consider visiting Martha Hall, Acupuncture Halls, San Juan Capsitrano, for any aches or pains, feelings of anxiety and or stress, or to discuss natural, alternative, drug free treatments to tackle the everyday cold. I know she has a lot more “magic” in her bag of potions to help heal whatever may ail you!

I have seen her many times for a variety of needs; most recently, I was experiencing a lot of discomfort in my left shoulder region. She was able to squeeze me into her day, inserted some needles in the area followed by a “scraping” to bring the dormant blood to the surface – to release the toxins essentially – and I was much improved the next day, and by the 3rd day I was completely pain free and have been since!

Martha is incredibly knowledgeable about her craft, and she practices what she preaches. She is a very caring andfocused on helping her clients improve their well-being.Give her a call, discuss what you want help with, and try the treatments she recommends for your specific needs, treatment’s that have been healing people for thousands of years, and I bet you will be very pleased with the outcome!

M.C. Patrick

Dana Point, CA

“Martha always takes such great care of me when I go there to see her. She takes time to listen and really HEAR what the problem is. Very relaxing and comfortable…AND she is a wealth of herbal information!!”

lawrene b.

I can’t believe that I haven’t reviewed Martha Hall yet! I have been going to Martha for over a year now and cannot say enough good about her. Earlier this year, I came down with a case of…

tom s.

“Martha is awesome. Unbelievable…I went in for acupuncture and she wouldn’t even do it as she would rather get to the root of what is going on….and she did!
So amazing and so smart.”

dam l.

Love it here! Martha truly cares about each and every ailment you have, even if you think something is no big deal! She doesn’t have a specific time limit per client; she will do whatever modality…

morgan m.