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Herbal medicinal teas are popularly used these days to cure various medical conditions. There are many people who wish to make use of medicinal teas. Unfortunately many cannot tell which tea suits what purpose. If you are one of those facing the same problem then read on.

Calmative or nervine herbs help relax the nervous system. Few medicinal teas such as passion flower, mullein, valerian, skullcap as well as blue vervain can help you to get good sleep. However once you have consumed these herbs, you should not drive or engage in anything that involves use of energy. These herbs can make you sleep on your wheel and so you should rest once you consume any of them. For those who feel anxious or nervous just before sleeping, then herbs such as borage and peppermint can help calm the nerves. Red clover herbs can also be used when stressed or the feeling of pressure during the day.

Some of the medicinal teas also help during the time of pregnancy. Raspberry, cramp bark and catnit herbs can help reduce the likelihoods of miscarriages and premature births, nausea and morning sickness. also helps in ease child birth. The tea that is made up of black as well as blue cohosh will lead to labor contractions and make the childbirth simple. For encouraging labor contraction you can also make use of Parsley, penny royal, etc. But one thing that you need to know is that these herbal teas should not be utilized unless and until the delivery date is close.

For women who are breastfeeding blessed thistle, borage, hops, milk thistle, red raspberry and many others can help increase the supply of milk in breastfeeding mothers. However, Parsley and sage should not be consumed by breastfeeding mothers because they can reduce the amount of milk produced making breastfeeding difficult.

In case you always suffer from headaches here and there, go for bay leaf, peppermint as well as holy thistle. These are Traditional Chinese medicine that can prove to be very effective for headaches. In case you have tension headaches then medicinal teas can work best for you are catnip, lavender teas and borage. Others include peppermint, lemon grass, chamomile and other not so popularity known herbs out there.

In case you have some problem of digestion, gas or stomach upset the medicinal teas that can work to your advantage are peppermint, lemon grass, milk thistle, chickweed, chamomile, etc. If you have stomach upset problems then it is advisable that you go for chicory because it is considered a good stomach upset reliever. There are hundreds of medicinal teas used in curing common ailments. The above mentioned are quite popular and easily accessible.

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