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Taking too many antacids creates hypochlohydria. Burping, bloating, and Gas are a sign of poor digestion. Acid reflux, is a sign of an abused digestion. Contrary to what your medical doctor has told you, along with those commercials saying taking antacids (this includes Tums) will help you get rid of acid indigestion, acid reflux and the embarrassing burping and gas, does not work! First of all, the only thing you are doing is turning your stomach acid off, so you feel nothing at all, which means you are not absorbing your nutrients from your food, such as calcium, protein, and iron, let alone your supplements. Years of antacids and or hypochlohydria will lead to anemia, iron and calcium deficiency among other issues . The problem is not that you have too much acid, it is you don’t have enough acid! Come see me for a free consultation on getting pain free digestion.